25/08/2015 Basketball player Andrei Kirilenko, a prospective candidate for the post of President of the Russian Basketball Federation, during 'presidential' elections at the conference hall of the Russian National Olympic Committee. Alexey Filippov/RIA Novosti

Commissioner of the Russian Basketball Federation Andrei Kirilenko has stated that there will be no Russian side playing in this season’s Eurocup.

Kirilenko put the reasoning down to the threat of the Russian national side possibly being excluded from international competitions.

The news comes as Lokomotiv Kuban and Khimki were reportedly expected to sign up for the second tier competition.

Kirilenko’s statement:

“We told about participation in Eurocup with all our clubs in VTB League two months ago. We have explained the impact of one or another step. I’m completely confident that no Russian club will play in Eurocup. Because if they will play, there will be consequences, we were told about disqualification of Russian national team.”

The list of Eurocup teams will be announced on Monday.