Ramunas SiskauskasCSKA Moscow's new president and former General Manager of the club, Andrey Vautin was delighted after being informed of Ramunas Siskauskas' decision to remain a Moscovite for the next season and expressed it to "Sovetskiy Sport".

"From the very moment that we decided on the new era and strategy that CSKA would follow, we made it clear to everyone that only those players who really wanted to do so and would be proud of it would wear CSKA's jersey.
CSKA's successes over the past two seasons are strongly tied to the presence of Ramunas Siskauskas in our team. Siskauskas was just an indispensable part of our squad and he will continue being so." Vatutin said.
It is worth to remind that Siskauskas decided to stay at CSKA a couple of days ago and despite lucrative offers from Real Madrid, Panathinaikos and Olympiacos and the tough financial situation of CSKA.