Panathinaikos threatened to not participate in their third game of the Greek League finals against Olympiacos after what they thought was a missed travelling violation.

But they have decided to not contest the decision and game three will go ahead as planned at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

“We witnessed a crime of the referees that alters the result of the game violating the rules, a crime which our club has experienced, and is still experiencing throughout the years in all our departments,” a strongly worded Panathinaikos statement read.

“We are impressed that such a play was left unremarked by the commentators during the TV broadcasting.

“As Panathinaikos, we have learned to be ambassadors of the great principals and values of our great club. Therefore we want to inform about the following: We have the opportunity to file a protest of the game and be vindicated on paper, since the violation (of Spanoulis before his game winning-shot) is CRYSTAL CLEAR and alters the game.”

The released concluded: “We inform the fans that we will not make such a move, that is completely tied with Olympiacos. We will NEVER take the championship of protests.”

Vassilis Spanoulis drained a game-winning three to give Olympiacos a dramatic 68-66 win at the OAKA to tie the finals at 1-1, cancelling out Dimitris Diamantidis’ effort for the Greens with nine seconds left.

Panathinaikos have protested the result though, complaining that Spanoulis had in fact travelled on that possession.

The Greens have gone as far as saying that they won’t contest game three if their protests come to nothing.

Article originally published 22 May (22:55)