Andrei VatutinWe had reported 10 days ago that CSKA's president Sergey Kushchenko would step down soon and it is now official. And there is a new king in the kingdom of CSKA, the club's former General Manager Andrey Vatutin is now the club's new president.

The Board of Directors of PBC CSKA Moscow elected the club’s CEO Andrey Vatutin as a President today.

Leonid Isakovich, Sports Projects Managing Company CEO, the member of the Board of Directors of PBC CSKA Moscow:

“With his work as a club’s CEO Andrey Vatutin proved that he is able to solve the problems of the highest level. His resume includes the working experience on different managing positions in CSKA. All this years Vatutin showed himself not only as an ambitious top-manager but also as a competent, modern sports manager, who fine-tuned clubs infrastructure and obtained maximal sports results. With Vatutin in head CSKA played in three Euroleague finals in a row, won the tournament in 2008, won three Russian Championships and the Russian Cup. PBC CSKA entered the new era, and we are sure that under the guidance of the new President the club will overcome all the challenges. Besides the Board of Directors decided to keep Vatutin as the CEO which will allow to optimize club’s management in the nearest future.”

Sergey Kushchenko:

“I would like to wish best of luck and to congratulate my friend Andrey Vatutin. We started in CSKA together 7 years ago. My deapest gratitude to Alexander Gomelsky who invited me to CSKA project in 2002. This were the greatest 7 years which are impossible to forget. My sincere gratitude to all the people who worked in CSKA, thank you all, who supported our project, low bow to devoted army club fans. I am sure that Vatutin is the manager and the person who will keep the club on its positions. I would like to wish greatest success to the new CSKA and Evgeny Pashutin.”

Andrey Vatutin:

“It’s a big honor for me to succeed Mikhail Reznikov, Victor Petrakov, Alexander Gomelsky and Sergey Kushchenko. They are the people who created modern CSKA. Once again I would like to wish the successes to my friend Sergey Kushchenko who took the position in the Russian Biathlon Union. CSKA will always be his home and Sergey will stay our devoted fan. It is difficult for me to overestimate the level of responsibility which will lay upon my shoulders additionally. Alexander Gomelsky and Sergey Kushchenko did so much for CSKA basketball and I want badly to be their worthy successor as a President. The main point is that CSKA was, is and will be the club of maximal ambitions, maximal requirements, maximal working conditions and maximal integrity.”