Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

The Golden State Warriors have made the decision to guarantee Kevon Looney’s $8 million contract for the upcoming season, according to sources confirmed to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews.

This decision comes ahead of the deadline, securing Looney’s future with the team for another year.

Initially, there was speculation surrounding Looney’s contract, with only $3 million guaranteed and a $1 million unlikely bonus affecting the team’s salary cap considerations, as highlighted by Bobby Marks.

Despite these financial intricacies, the Warriors opted to commit to Looney, ensuring stability in their frontcourt rotation.

Entering the final year of his current contract, 28-year-old Looney has been a consistent presence for the Warriors, known for his defensive acumen and rebounding ability.

Throughout the past season, Looney averaged 4.5 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 1.8 assists in 16.1 minutes per game.

With key roster decisions looming, including the potential impact of Chris Paul’s $30 million non-guaranteed contract, the team is strategically managing its salary cap while fortifying its core lineup.