Boston Celtics standout Jaylen Brown reflected on overcoming doubts and achieving success following his team’s victory in the NBA Finals.

After clinching the Eastern Conference Finals MVP and subsequently the Finals MVP as the Celtics triumphed over the Dallas Mavericks in a 4-1 series, Brown addressed the media, acknowledging the journey to this point.

Throughout the postgame press conference, Brown emphasized his resilience in the face of skepticism, recognizing that despite current triumphs, challenges will inevitably arise again.

“If you would have asked me that maybe a year ago, I’d probably say yeah. But just at the point I got to right now like, it feels great, but any of the personal awards it is what it is. The doubters may be quieted now, but they’ll be back next year with something else to say. I’ll just embrace that moment the same and get after it yet again,” Brown said.