Photo: March Madness/YouTube

NBA insider Shams Charania reiterated his previous reports that JJ Redick has been the favorite for the Lakers head coaching job from the start until the team suddenly shifted focus to UConn’s Dan Hurley.

While ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Hurley was the Lakers’ top choice all along, Charania contradicted these reports.

Unlike Redick, whose name appeared in rumors soon after the Lakers fired Darvin Ham, there were no mentions of Hurley until last Wednesday, weeks into the Lakers’ head coaching search.

Charania reported that the Lakers became aware of Hurley’s negotiations for a new deal with UConn and tried to seize the opportunity by making a bigger offer.

“My sources have said that JJ Redick has been the frontrunner for this job. James Borrego’s also been among the leaders for this job as well with JJ Redick,” the insider said on FanDuel TV’s Run It Back.

Charania explained that Rob Pelinka had met with both Redick and Borrego before the Hurley situation emerged.

“When you think about the process so far, Rob Pelinka, before this Dan Hurley situation, has met twice with two candidates. He met with JJ Redick once, he met James Borrego a separate time solo and then James Borrego came into the facility, met with everyone, met with ownership,” he said.

Last Wednesday, the Lakers shifted their attention to Hurley, believing there was an opportunity due to his contract negotiations with UConn.

Charania noted, “And then they last week on Wednesday turned their attention, I’m told, to Dan Hurley. He was not the number one candidate, the number one guy to go and pursue from the start, from the beginning.

“But they felt there was an opening for him, he was in contract negotiations with UConn, he was discussing a deal to go back and they felt like there was an opening and they threw what people around the league believe was a Hail Mary offer at him, six years, $70 million.

“At the end of the day Dan Hurley chose not leave, he chose to stay for $20M less at UConn. They did go up significantly from his current deal right now, but it is $20 million less.”