Stephon MarburyAngelopoulos brothers, the owners of Olympiacos, are in a search for another star. The club lost Josh Childress for 40 days due to a health problems. Stephon Marbury was mentioned by the Greek media as the club's main target. 31-year-old veteran is on the inactive list at New York Knicks.

With a $21.9 million contract, the Marbury goal seems unattainable, especially this year, but the Angelopoulos brothers are examining the issue. And we already saw that the money is not such a big problem for the owners of Olympiacos.

With 19.9 points per game in a 12 year career in the NBA, Marbury is considered one of the most charismatic guards of the NBA of recent years, but the question is how does he work as a temporary solution to replace the injured Josh Childress.

DeJuan Collins and Bracey Wright are also a possible choices. Both of them having serious Euroleague experience. Though Panagiotis Angelopoulos is looking for the best rather than good.

Olympiacos must react fast otherwise they wouldn't be able to use the new player in Euroleague as the deadline for the roster registration is next Tuesday.

The Angelopoulos brothers are talking to the coach Panagiotis Giannakis about a possible addition of Stephon Marbury or another player.