Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/X screenshot

Following a disheartening defeat against the Golden State Warriors, Lakers legend James Worthy described the game as “an ugly night,” expressing concerns about the team’s defensive intensity and three-point defense.

The Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, orchestrated a dominant performance, combining for 50 points to propel the Warriors to a commanding 134-120 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

The absence of Anthony Davis due to injury further compounded the Lakers’ struggles, as the Warriors capitalized on defensive lapses, converting an astonishing 63.4% of their three-point attempts, setting a new NBA single-game record.

Despite the Lakers’ efforts to stay competitive, the Warriors’ relentless offensive barrage proved too much to handle, highlighting defensive vulnerabilities that need addressing as the postseason approaches.

“From my point of view it didn’t seem like it was a ton of resistance on those shots. It was like a shooting game with no one in front of you,” Worthy said. “I don’t know if it’s because they moved the ball so well and they made the defence move. It just seemed like the defense didn’t have that intensity that we normally have.

“And I know that AD was out and as soon as the Warriors found out that AD wouldn’t play, it was just layup after layup, after layup, after layup and they were giving up the three. So it was an ugly night as far as threes are concerned.”