Photo: USC Trojans/Twitter

The decision of Bronny James, son of NBA icon LeBron James, to enter the upcoming NBA Draft after a stint in college basketball at USC has ignited speculation about his future in the professional league.

Former NBA standout Baron Davis weighed in on the debate, suggesting that Bronny’s skill set might be better suited for the NBA than the college game.

Davis, known for his dynamic playing style during his NBA career, highlighted the differences between college and professional basketball, emphasizing the freedom and versatility of the NBA.

“It’s more free-flowing,” Davis told TMZ Sports. “You’re not coached every moment. You’re not playing zone all the time. From what I’ve seen from Bronny, he’s an athletic, smart point guard. He can shoot the ball. So, if I was him, I’d try my hand too.”

Despite a relatively quiet freshman season at USC, where Bronny’s contributions were modest, averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game, Davis remains optimistic about the young prospect’s potential in the NBA.

Bronny’s decision to forego additional years in college basketball and declare for the NBA Draft has drawn attention from fans and analysts alike.