In a moment etched in his memory, Chicago Bulls rookie Onuralp Bitim made his NBA debut by scoring his first points in a hard-fought win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I really can’t describe how I really feel…I was dreaming of this moment for a really long time,” Bitim shared postgame.

Bitim’s breakthrough performance came after Bulls head coach Billy Donovan entrusted him with 28 minutes off the bench, a decision that paid off as Bitim showcased his talent with 10 points and six rebounds.

“My teammates really were helping me, my coaches… I knew the chance is going to come. But you just never know when. You just have to be ready,” Bitim explained, acknowledging the support he received from his team.

Asked about his emotions on the court, Bitim confessed, “I was not nervous. I was just excited and I was feeling unbelievable.”

Sharing a touching moment with Bulls star DeMar DeRozan, Bitim revealed, “Debo told that he’s proud of me…hearing those words from him, it’s a really huge blessing.”

Reflecting on the significance of his NBA debut, Bitim expressed gratitude for the support he received from his teammates and coaches, emphasizing the impact they’ve had on his journey.

Bitim, who was initially signed by the Bulls to a two-way contract, was recently rewarded with a three-year deal.