Following a standout performance off the bench, Golden State Warriors’ veteran Klay Thompson is set to draw significant interest from multiple NBA teams during the upcoming free agency period.

Thompson’s recent move to the bench marked a notable shift in his role within the Warriors’ lineup, raising questions about his future with the team under head coach Steve Kerr’s rotation adjustments.

NBA insider Shams Charania discussed Thompson’s impending free agency on the Pac McAfee Show, highlighting the Lakers, Clippers, Heat, and Magic as potential suitors for the four-time NBA champion.

Charania outlined Thompson’s contractual situation and the Warriors’ decision not to extend him, suggesting that the veteran guard will explore his options in free agency.

“So let’s look at Klay Thompson going into the year,” Charania said. “They discussed an extension, they offered him an extension around two years, $48 million. I think, when you look at it, they just gave Draymond four years, $100 million. So if you’re Klay Thompson and you’re that same realm, you get offered two years, $48 million, I think the extension, the lack of an extension and then his free agency is looming, that’s a factor I think just off the bat going into this season.”

Despite enduring a challenging season marked by fluctuations in performance and playing time, Thompson’s proven track record as a championship-caliber player continues to attract interest from across the league.

“He’s set to be a free agent at the end of the season. From everything I expect him to test the marketplace,” Charania stated, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding Thompson’s future with the Warriors.

As the offseason approaches, the race to secure Thompson’s signature is likely to intensify, with multiple teams preparing to make compelling pitches to the coveted free agent.

“I would expect both Florida teams, both LA teams, I would expect potentially a couple East coast teams to have interest in Klay Thompson,” Charania said.

“As of right now, unless there’s a miracle extension, he’s going to test the marketplace,” Charania remarked, indicating the likelihood of Thompson exploring his options in free agency.

For Thompson, the upcoming free agency represents an opportunity to explore new possibilities and potentially embark on the next chapter of his illustrious NBA career.