In a recent Suns-Lakers matchup at the Arena, actress Emma Stone, a known Phoenix Suns fan, caught the attention of fans when she seemingly waved at Suns’ guard Grayson Allen as she exited the arena behind the team’s bench. The viral video sparked curiosity, prompting questions about the interaction.

Allen, who had a standout performance with a team-high 29 points in the Suns’ recent narrow win over the Kings, addressed the viral moment. He clarified that the video was taken out of context, emphasizing that Stone’s wave was directed at the entire Suns team rather than a personal gesture to him.

“Yeah, I did, I saw it a bunch of times,” Allen shared when asked about the video. He found humor in how a single frame could create a misleading narrative, noting that the video made it appear as though Stone waved directly at him.

In reality, he observed, “I don’t think she even said bye to me or looked at me. But in the video it looks like we’re looking directly at each other. So it’s just kind of funny how easily something like that can be taken out of context.”

Acknowledging the unique experience, Allen expressed appreciation for having a fan like Stone. “It’s awesome to have a fan like that,” he said. “It’s always cool guys talk about going and playing in New York or in L.A. and you look courtside you got big stars, big fans at the game. So it’s cool to have some people rocking some Suns gear.”