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The Los Angeles Lakers, once riding high after clinching the In-Season Tournament title, are now navigating troubled waters, with a concerning 3-10 record in their last 13 games.

NBA insider Shams Charania shed light on a growing discord between head coach Darvin Ham and the Lakers’ locker room, revealing a disconnection that’s raising questions about Ham’s standing.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation, speaking anonymously, disclosed a palpable frustration within the Lakers’ roster regarding Ham’s recent rotation and starting lineup adjustments. The decision to bench D’Angelo Russell and adopt a lineup without a second guard ballhandler since December 23 has led to internal skepticism and unrest.

Charania’s report suggests a deepening rift between Ham and the players, highlighting concerns about the head coach’s ability to lead the team to championship success.

The Lakers, currently holding the 11th spot in the Western Conference with a 17-19 record, are grappling with the aftermath of a once-promising season now marred by internal tensions.

Fellow NBA insider Jake Fischer, on the No Cap Room Podcast, echoed the sentiment of frustration within the organization.

According to him, agents for Lakers players are reportedly reaching out to the front office, expressing dissatisfaction with their clients not getting the right opportunities under Ham’s coaching decisions.

As the Lakers aim to overcome this turbulent phase, the spotlight intensifies on Darvin Ham, with questions swirling about his capacity to guide the team back to its former glory.