Photo: Chicago Bulls/X

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan wants the group to fight through adversity and not shut down (4-game losing streak/5-13 record).

(via Optimistic Bulls Fan):

“I think that the guys in the locker room are really, really good people, they’re good guys. Obviously frustrated, disappointed, whatever word you want to use, I think we all feel that. But yesterday we practiced, and I give them a lot of credit, they’ve come back to work with energy and tried to improve and get better at the things that we’ve got to improve upon. I’ve always talked about adversity and challenges and difficulties. And to me, one is a lot to learn through adversity. And two, the solution to adversity would not be to shut down. If you do that, to me, that would be like the worst thing to do. To me, that would speak to someone’s character. I think it’s easy to be all upbeat and positive when things are going well, but I think when things are challenging is when you’ve got to really kind of dig. We’ve got to pull ourselves out of this, it’s got to come from us. No one else is going to do it, but we’ve got to do it collectively.”