Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Despite the availability of Chicago’s high-scoring Zach LaVine on the trade market, the Miami Heat, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, has not been actively pursuing a trade for him, at least as of now.

A source in close contact with the Heat front office revealed that this decision aligns with sensible considerations, including future flexibility, financial implications, and the overlap with Tyler Herro’s skill set.

The Heat, committed to avoiding competitive restrictions and maintaining financial prudence, has no interest in trading Herro for LaVine.

The financial aspects play a crucial role, with Miami hesitant to incur the competitive restrictions associated with surpassing the second apron next season.

Paying LaVine $45.9 million in 2025-26, compared to Tyler Herro’s $31 million, would limit resources available for addressing other team needs.

The 28-year-old Bulls star is in second year of a five-year, $215 million contract that runs through 2026-27 (last year is player option).