Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

In the lead-up to the NBA training camp, James Harden’s future remains uncertain as he requested a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers, expressing his desire to join the Clippers.

However, with no progress on the trade front, Harden finds himself in Philadelphia, where tensions with Sixers general manager Daryl Morey have escalated.

Harden’s public criticism of Morey as ‘a liar’ earlier in the offseason strained his relationship with the team. Despite the discord, no resolution has been reached regarding his trade request.

NBA insider Shams Charania recently discussed the ongoing Harden saga and the potential developments that could shape his future.

Charania suggested that a significant change in Harden’s situation could be tied to the pursuit of Jrue Holiday, who arrived in Portland as part of the Damian Lillard trade with the Bucks.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Charania highlighted Harden’s desire to join the Clippers and the unresolved tension between him and Morey. He noted that the Sixers are uncertain whether Harden will report to training camp next week.

“He still wants a trade and I think he wants a trade to the Clippers… The Sixers aren’t really sure whether he’s going to report to training camp next week. We’ll see what happens there if he’s still on the roster,” Charania said

However, the insider emphasized that the addition of Jrue Holiday to the trade market has introduced a new dynamic. Holiday, now in Portland, has garnered interest from multiple teams, including the Clippers and the 76ers.

As Philadelphia pursues Holiday, it is possible that Harden may become part of the trade equation.

“But I think one thing that has changed everything is Jrue Holiday, his future,” Charania said. He’s now in Portland in that Damian Lillard trade.

“And I think there’s a good chance he moves before Media Day on Monday. I think the Clippers have interest potentially, Philadelphia has interest in him. And Philadelphia is going to be going hard at him.

“So James Harden have to be part of transaction like that. I think it’s to be determined, but I think James Harden’s mindset has changed at all.”