Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Grant Williams, who recently made the move from the Celtics to the Mavericks, took a moment to reflect on the profound influence of his former coach, Ime Udoka.

Williams spoke highly of Udoka’s coaching style, emphasizing his ability to effectively communicate and motivate players.

According to Williams, Udoka strikes a balance between being a vocal, supportive coach and a strategic mastermind on the court.

“Ime is a guy that is very vocal,” Williams told Emily Austin on The Hoop Chat. “He’s very communicative of what he needs you to do, but he also is very critical of you and supports you.

“So he does the best of both worlds when it comes to being a players’ coach and communicating. But he’s also really good with X’s and O’s.”

One aspect that made Udoka particularly relatable to Williams was his background as a former player. Williams found common ground with his coach, appreciating Udoka’s deep understanding of the game from a player’s perspective.

However, it was Udoka’s unwavering competitiveness and commitment to player development that left a lasting impression on Williams.

The coach not only changed the trajectory of Williams’ career but also transformed how he perceived himself as a player and how he approached the game.

“But he’s also a guy that is the ultimate competitor. And I’ll always speak highly of him because he changed my career. He changed kind of how I viewed myself and even how I played. So he’s one of my favorite if not the favorite coach I’ve ever played for,” he concluded.