Photo: NBA Stats/Twitter

Former New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans) center Tyson Chandler had high praise for Chris Paul as a teammate/leader/competitor during their time together.

(via All The Smoke):

“I never had a problem with CP because I knew he wants to win. I can ride with anybody that’s putting in the work like that and challenging you. It’s not like he wasn’t putting in work and challenging you; he putting in work and challenging dudes. He has a right to challenge you, great players are gonna do that because he’s trying to take it to another level, he wanna win. And that’s like CP’s whole thing, even the little dirty stuff he do or whatever; CP is a competitor. He’s one of the best competitors that this game has had. Everybody don’t take it the right way, but if you can appreciate a competitor, then you can appreciate the game, then you appreciate him.”