In a hard-fought FIBA World Cup quarter-final clash, Luka Doncic’s exceptional talent was on full display, leading Slovenia against Canada with team-high 26 points. However, it was the Canadians who prevailed 100-98.

However, the game took an unexpected turn when Doncic received his second technical foul during the fourth quarter and was ejected from the game for disputing referee decisions.

In the postgame press conference, the Dallas Mavericks superstar expressed his frustration with what he deemed unfair officiating.

Slovenia’s head coach, Aleksander Sekulic, echoed Doncic’s sentiments, acknowledging the difficulty of guarding the exceptional player within the boundaries of the rules.

“It’s difficult to play and control emotions when you get hit constantly all game long. I know it’s not great, it doesn’t look good, but it’s very difficult and frustrating. He is a great player, and it’s tough to guard him in a legal way,” Sekulic stated, per Donatas Urbonas.