Photo: Oklahoma City Thunder/Twitter

Despite his year-long hiatus, Chet Holmgren has a strong endorsement for the Rookie of the Year award, and it comes from none other than Clippers star Paul George.

In a recent podcast episode, George shared his prediction, firmly placing his bet on Holmgren to secure the coveted Rookie of the Year title. George cited several reasons for his choice, including Holmgren’s versatility, shot-blocking prowess, and polished playing style.

George also highlighted the Thunder’s potential success as a factor contributing to Holmgren’s chances. With a winning team and a captivating playing style, Holmgren is expected to garner significant attention in the coming season, which could further boost his Rookie of the Year prospects.

“It’s a lot of good talent. I mean, it’s gon’ come down who’s gon’ play more. Imma go with Chet. Imma go Chet,” George said. “Just because I think he’s gonna play a ton. They’re gonna be a winning team. The way they play it’s gonna be fun to watch. And so I think he’s gonna get a lot of coverage.

“Cause he plays both ends, he blocks shots, he’s a little bit more polished, you know, further along I think than Wemby [Victor Wembanyama] is because I think Wemby’s gonna have a little learning curve. I know Chet didn’t play much due to the injury his rookie year, but being in the league, seeing the game up close for a year is gonna give him that much more of a head start.”