Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Lonzo Ball has faced ongoing challenges due to a knee injury that sidelined him for the entirety of the 2022-23 season, as well as a significant part of the 2021-22 season.

Amidst concerns about his recovery, sports analyst Stephen A. Smith recently hinted at uncertainties surrounding Ball’s return to the court. Smith’s comments stirred speculation about Ball’s condition, suggesting that he was struggling with simple movements.

In response, Ball took to social media to set the record straight. In a lighthearted video, he demonstrated his ability to stand up on his injured left leg without any apparent difficulty, countering the doubts raised by Smith.

Moreover, Ball addressed his future in basketball during an appearance at Invest Fest in Atlanta, where he confidently stated, “I’m going to play again.” He expressed his resilience in the face of external skepticism, emphasizing his commitment to the recovery process.

Ball also touched upon the impact of public commentary, especially when it comes from influential figures like Smith. He called out the spread of what he termed “fake news” and stressed the importance of responsible reporting, particularly when it involves athletes’ health and careers.

“The outside noise doesn’t bother me. Stephen A. thing, he has a wide platform, so for me I just don’t appreciate when people put out fake news like that, especially his stature that can touch a lot of people…

“For me, I know what I got to do to get back and I’m just on the path doing what I got to do every day. taking it step by step. I don’t look too far ahead. I know in my near future I will back on the court for sure.”