Golden State Warriors’ iconic point guard, Stephen Curry, has been a cornerstone of the franchise for over a decade, but as he enters his 15th season in the NBA, questions about his future in the league naturally arise.

During a recent appearance on Gil’s Arena, the four-time NBA champion shed light on his long-term plans regarding his career in the league.

Curry, who turned 35 last season, spoke about his longevity in the league. “Somewhere in that range [20 years],” he said, via Michael Macasero of SportsKeeda. “I never imagined myself being that 40-plus dude trying to hold on for dear life. But, who knows how my body will feel like at that point? I got three years left in my deal. So, at least that, and then kind of figure out from there. … I ain’t skipping to play golf just yet.”

Despite being in a latter stage of his career, last season Curry averaged 29.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game.