Photo: San Antonio Spurs/Twitter screenshot

In a recent interview, former NBA player Glen Davis shared his thoughts on guarding Victor Wembanyama, the highly-touted No. 1 pick of the Spurs in the 2023 NBA Draft. Davis didn’t hold back, expressing his belief that he would use his size advantage against the lanky French prodigy.

When asked about facing Wembanyama, Davis playfully commented on the youngster’s slender frame, describing it as a “tomato chest” and suggesting that he may struggle against physicality. Drawing a humorous comparison, Davis likened Wembanyama to a “baby Bambi” or a “baby giraffe” on the court.

While acknowledging Wembanyama’s impressive length, Davis emphasized the importance of strength and physicality in the NBA. He playfully questioned whether the young Frenchman could handle the intensity and pain of the league.

“The length I probably would have struggled with, but the body? Tomato chest. They soft. That boy looked like a little baby Bambi out there the other night, a little baby giraffe… I don’t think he could handle all this pain,” Davis said, via Ben Golliver.

Wembanyama, standing at an impressive height of 7-foot-3, is widely regarded as a unique talent with tremendous potential. However, Davis’ comments serve as a reminder that the transition to the NBA can be challenging, especially for players who rely heavily on their physical attributes.

Interestingly, Wembanyama’s agent is strictly against his client putting on more weight and wants the prospect to work on getting stronger instead.