The Hornets are facing a crucial decision as they hold the number 2 overall pick in the highly anticipated 2023 NBA Draft. With the first pick seemingly locked in for Victor Wembanyama to join the Spurs, the Hornets are carefully evaluating their options for their own selection.

Recent report from Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer suggests that all indications point toward the Hornets leaning towards drafting Brandon Miller as their number 2 pick. O’Connor writes, “All indications suggest the Hornets are leaning toward Miller with this choice as a partner for LaMelo Ball. I’d go in that direction too over Scoot Henderson because Miller brings playmaking skill in his own right, on top of his go-to scoring prowess.”

While Scoot Henderson, who showcased his talents with the G League Ignite in the past two seasons, has emerged as an impressive prospect with his athleticism and playmaking ability, Miller presents an intriguing option for the Hornets. The University of Alabama guard brings a combination of versatility, scoring prowess, and defensive capabilities to the table.