In a surprising turn of events, Darüşşafaka Lassa and their long-standing coach, Selçuk Ernak, have mutually agreed to part ways. This marks the end of an era, as Ernak had been at the helm of the team for an impressive four and a half seasons.

Ernak’s tenure at Darüşşafaka was marked by significant achievements and growth for the team. His leadership and strategic acumen were instrumental in shaping the team’s performance and reputation in the league.

As the news of Ernak’s departure spreads, speculation is rife about his potential successor. Among the names being considered are Yakup Sekizkök and Özhan Çıvgın. Both have a proven track record in the sport, and their potential appointment is generating a buzz among the fans and the basketball community.

While the departure of Ernak is undoubtedly a significant change for Darüşşafaka Lassa, it also opens up a new chapter for the team. As they navigate this transition, the focus will be on maintaining their competitive edge and continuing their legacy of excellence.