Photo: Miami Heat/Twitter

Following Sunday’s 111-108 Game 2 NBA Finals road win vs. the Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler talked about what the team’s defense did to bother Nikola Jokic (5 turnovers/4 assists).

(via House of Highlights):

Wes Goldberg: It’s not often that Jokic has more turnovers than assists. What was the key defensively for you guys? What do you think bothered him?”

Butler: “Some ball pressure. Getting back. Getting our hands on loose balls and just challenging every pass, every shot. I mean, he’s a hell of a player. He passes the ball so incredibly well. Obviously, he can score the ball like he did tonight. But when you get the opportunity to turn the ball over and get out into the open floor, I feel as though we have to do that, and we did a decent job of that today.”