The 2023 NBA Finals are set to begin tonight with the Nuggets hosting the Heat at Ball Arena. Draymond Green, who likes to predict the outcome of playoff series, did not feel comfortable to give his prediction for this series on his podcast jut yet.

The four-time NBA champion did share his analysis of possible matchups between Denver and Miami. According to Green, the Heat should not thrown Tyler Herro into the rotation when he’s ready to return because other players are in the rhythm and introducing Herro could disrupt that.

Instead, what Green would do is use the point guard as a spark whenever the team needs it or go all in in a desperate situation.

“Quite frankly I’m still working through this and trying to figure it all out and looking at these different matchups and stuff,” the Warriors forward said. “So I’m not quite sure yet who I’m ready to go with to win this series because I’m still dissecting and looking at this thing and that thing. There are some things for me to look at and possible adjustments.

“I haven’t gotten an opportunity to look at, okay so if this happens, this adjustment needs to happen in like the chess match that goes on that can affect this series. I haven’t necessarily gotten that opportunity yet.

“I don’t think we’ll do another pod before Game 1, so if we don’t, which I’m almost certain we won’t, I would make sure I get you all a prediction on who I think will win this series even if it just have to go on The Draymond [Green] Show Instagram. It’ll just be a social hit. I’ll make sure I get you all a prediction before the series start. Mark my word. I’m a man of it.”

Interestingly, Green predicted the Lakers to win the Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets in six games.