Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

As general manager Bob Myers is slated to step down in his coveted role following the expiration of his contract with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry delivered that heartwarming words of goodbye to the executive.

In his Instagram story, Curry aired his salutation to Myers who served as the main architect and the proponent of the entire Dubs dynasty.

Myers took over as the president of the Warriors in 2011-12, and the rest was history. He went on to construct the main core of Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green in becoming one of the best in NBA history. In addition, he was integral in the Ander Iguodala and Kevin Durant signing in last 2013 and 2016 offseason, respectively.

Under Myers, Golden State enjoyed sustained success since they hired Steve Kerr as the head coach. For eight seasons, the Dubs were at the top of the NBA for four years and established its case as a dynasty in the modern era of basketball.

Myers’ contract is about to expire on June 30. As he is now packing his bag for the next chapter of his career, he remains fully confident of Golden State’s program for years to come.