Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray recently had high praise for lead assistant David Adelman, saying that the 42-year-old should be receiving more head coaching interest.

(via Denver Nuggets):

Reporter: “After Game 4, [Michael] Malone said about David Adelman that he should get a head coaching job this upcoming summer. How has he kinda impacted you and helped your game since you guys have been together here in Denver?”

Murray: “Yeah, not just me but everybody. I just think he puts everybody in the right spots. When it’s time to lock in, he can lock you in. He’s funny. He goofs around a lot, yeah, but when we’re messing up, like you know when you’re messing up but you’re getting away with it? Yeah, he’ll get on you, and I think I respect that a lot just because we’re all in it together. It’s not like it’s malicious or anything, it’s just we all have a goal here. We’re all here for a reason. It’s nice. I go to him for a lot of the offensive stuff, just reads and what he’s seen just because I know he’s locked in on that, and sometimes coach may be thinking about subs or lineups or time and score, whatever. But he’s always given me great input on what we can run or sometimes we have the same ideas, which is just really nice to see that what I am feeling in the game he’s also seeing from afar. Well deserved, and he should definitely be getting more offers.”