Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

Zion Williamson’s career has been plagued by injuries, limiting his playing time and preventing him from fully realizing his potential. Despite his limited appearances on the court, Williamson has shown flashes of brilliance, captivating fans and establishing himself as one of the most dominant players in the league.

His teammate and mentor, CJ McCollum, recently spoke about their conversations and the importance of Williamson embracing his own greatness.

McCollum, who has witnessed Williamson’s talent firsthand, shared his belief that the young star has the potential to reach unprecedented heights in the NBA. McCollum emphasized that Williamson has the power to be as good as he wants to be, but it’s a level of greatness that not everyone can attain.

The New Orleans forward has faced numerous setbacks due to injuries, with his playing time limited to just 114 games over his first four seasons. Despite these challenges, Williamson has showcased his dominance whenever he steps onto the court. McCollum acknowledges the frustration of seeing such immense talent hindered by injuries.

“I’ve had serious conversations with him on multiple occasions,” said CJ McCollum, via R.P. Salao of ClutchPoints. “Not just me, Larry [Nance Jr.]. I’ve told him, ‘You can be as good as you wanna be, and that’s not for everybody. … The level of the best version of [Zion Williamson] is a level that everybody can’t get to.”

During their conversations, McCollum has reminded Williamson that his ceiling is unlike anything the NBA has ever seen. He has encouraged him to take full advantage of his potential and to determine the direction of his career. McCollum stressed that no one else can want success for Williamson more than he does himself, and it’s up to him to define what his journey in the game will look like.

This season, Williamson appeared in 29 games for the Pelicans, averaging 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 4.6 assists in 33 minutes per game. While injuries have disrupted his progress, his impact on the court remains undeniable.

As Williamson looks to overcome his injury setbacks and further establish himself in the league, he can draw inspiration from McCollum’s words.