Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

As the roller coaster ride continues, Erik Spoelstra can only be blunt about his plans with the Miami Heat as their Conference Finals set comes down for a massive Game 7 against the Boston Celtics.

With Derrick White delivering a buzzer-beating putback for a painful finisher in Game 6, Spoelstra insisted that they had no choice but to put all their hands on deck to finally close out the upside-down series on Monday night.

“Ideally you think, you hope, the right things just bounced a different way. That’s the only place that could have bounced to hurt us,” Spoelstra said about White’s game-winner. “I thought we had a lot of things covered on that play, and sometimes things just don’t break your way. But I don’t think there’s any regrets on that. 

“It’s just a shame, but look. This is the way the season has been. This is one hell of a series. At this time right now, I don’t know how we’re going to get this done, but we’ll go out there and getting done. That’s what the next 48 hours is about.”

The Heat were just three seconds away from finally entering the door of the NBA Finals, but the last sequence courtesy of White’s heroics pushed them for another trip to Boston for Game 7.

Like a bubble, all of the momentum suddenly popped out in front of the Heat. They posted a commanding 3-0 series lead but suddenly stumbled when the Celtics came out with such urgency and revival to keep themselves breathing on the cusp of a heartbreaking elimination.

White’s hustle propelled a historic comeback for Boston, as they became the fourth team in NBA postseason history to force a Game 7 amid being down in an 0-3 series hole. As such, they are the first ever higher-seeded club to pull it out of the four, which only means that the series finale ultimately gives them all of the advantage starting from their home court.

Though odds are now against them all of a sudden, Spoelstra still has that unwavering faith in his Heat team that they’ll be able to come out as victors of the thrilling East Finals matchup.

“There’s nothing easy about this season for our group and so we just have to do it the hard way,” he said. “That’s just the way it’s got to be for our group and we wish we could tip this thing off right now. … But we’ll wait 48 hours and do this thing in Boston.”