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Nikola Kalinić: “Key is to stay calm”


Like it was the case last season, second semi-finalist pair in the EuroLeague’s Final 4 is Barcelona and Real Madrid, and Nikola Kalinić expects tough game.

“In this game I expect fight, you know the physical one. It will probably be a tough game, not sure if there will be more or less points, but definitely tough. We all know each other very well, we play a lot of matches against Real this year, not the mention in the previous seasons. There are no much secrets to hide, who will want more and who will be calmer will win in upcoming El Clasico.”

During this season, Barcelona prevailed in the more games than Real Madrid, but semi-finals of the EuroLeague is the story for itself.

Real knows how to play these important matches, they know how to rises from ashes, to win the lost game. They showed that in the Playoffs against Partizan. They looked destroyed in one moment and in the end they deserved to celebrate. They are oldies but goldies. That is why we need to remain calm and try to win it.”

As one of the rear players that know how to win EuroLeague, Nikola Kalinić role will also be to help the team in the breaking moments.

“I mean, it is necessary to bring that experience, that calmness into the match. We missed that in the previous seasons, and we are trying to improve in that field. My role is to help the team in that direction, to be calm on and off the court. Like Americans say: ‘To be on the same page’. And we are heading there, the atmosphere is great, we got our game, don’t have players with serious injuries. I think we are now in the good situation and I am hoping eventually everything will turn out well.”

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