Photo: Peter Baba

As the Milwaukee Bucks’ ousting of Mike Budenholzer stirred such chatter around the league, it appears that Damian Lillard hopped in to add a more enticing perspective.

After it was announced that both the Bucks and Budenholzer decided to part ways, the Portland Trail Blazers star went on Twitter and posted an enticing sentiment about the coaching dismissal.

The ultimate motive for Milwaukee’s decision to cut ties with Budenholzer was his coaching shortcomings on the team’s shocking first-round exit against the Miami Heat. Despite posting the best regular season record in this season, the Bucks packed their bags early after a blunderous five-game disastrous ender in the hands of the underdog Heat behind the masterclass of Jimmy Butler.

Budenholzer served as the team’s head coach from the 2018-19 campaign. Since then, no other team in the last five years has bested the franchise in terms of regular season record and winning percentage (271-120 – .693% win rate). Amid this success, he has been flagged for lack of coaching adjustments, particularly in postseason time. 

As such, he and the Bucks were able to get through that hump, guiding the club to its first title in 50 years last 2021.

As Budenholzer was fired from his head coaching duties, three of the last four champion head coaches have been finally out from their job, joining Nick Nurse (2019) and Frank Vogel (2020).