The Timberwolves will have another chance of making the playoffs after losing against the Lakers in overtime (102-108) in the play-in game.

Karl-Anthony Towns who led Minnesota in scoring with 24 points. He also grabbed 11 rebounds. The Wolves’ star had five personal fouls and had to be careful not to be fouled out.

Like Minnesota’s head coach Chris Finch, KAT was not happy with the officiating, saying that the Lakers were getting fouls off of flops.

“When you get two fouls off of flops, it makes it very difficult to want to… with five fouls to do something like that,” the 27-year-old center said. “I don’t want to put my team in a bad position where I make an aggressive move, they flop, they get the call and I’m out the game.”

“I think the fouls hurt a lot because, like you said, mentally you don’t want to hurt your team you want to be out there, you want to impact the game. You just don’t want to have a flop happen don’t even have to get hit just to get a call. So, changes the dynamic.”