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Have you ever wondered how many different rules NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and FIBA (International Basketball Federation) have? Louise Pike, basketball writer at Marathonbet UK & Marathonbet Global, a leading basketball betting company, compiled all the rule differences, so that when you are watching an NCAA or FIBA basketball game, you are equipped with all the knowledge about the rules:

DURATION OF GAME Two 20-minute halves Four 10-minute quarters
SHOT CLOCK 35 seconds 24 seconds
SHOT CLOCK RESET FG attempt hits rim Resets to 14 seconds when FGA hits rim and offensive rebound is given
OVERTIME DURATION 5 minutes 5 minutes
LENGTH OF HALFTIME 15 minutes 15 minutes
COURT LENGTH 94 feet x 50 feet 91-10 x 49-2.5
SIZE OF LANE 12 feet x 19 feet 16 x 19
3-POINT DISTANCE 20 feet-9 inches 22-1.75
NO-CHARGE SEMICIRCLE 0.914 meters from center of basket 1.25 meters from center
ADVANCE BALL TO HALFCOURT AT TIMEOUT Not allowed Allowed in final 2 minutes of fourth quarter and OT
BACKCOURT VIOLATION 10 seconds 8 seconds
GAME CLOCK STOPS AFTER FG Last minute of second half and last minute of OT Last 2 minutes of fourth quarter and OT
PLAYER FOUL LIMIT Five Five (or two technical fouls)
BONUS FREE THROWS On seventh foul of half (1-and-1); 10th foul (2 FTAs) On fifth foul of quarter (2 FTAs); fourth quarter carries into OT
NUMBER OF PLAYERS PERMITTED ON FREE THROW LANE Six (four defensive, two offensive) Five (three offensive, two defensive)
JUMP BALL Alternating possession after tip-off Alternating possession after tip-off
FLOPPING RULE Doesn’t have one Warning on the first flop; technical on the next flop
TIMEOUTS Four 75-second timeouts, two 30-seconds 2 60-second timeouts in first and second quarters, three 60-second timeouts in third and fourth quarters; maximum of two timeouts in final 2 minutes of a game
TV TIMEOUTS Four per half Up to one per quarter
OVERTIME TIMEOUTS One additional 75-second timeout and any unused from regulation One additional 60-second timeout
WHO CALLS TIMEOUTS Head coach or player on floor Head coach or assistant coach
SIZE OF BASKETBALL Max circumference of 30 inches / minimum circumference 29.5; max weight 20 ounces / minimum weight 17.99 oz. Max circumference 29 inches; max weight 20 ounces / minimum weight 17.99 oz.
LEGAL JERSEY NUMBERS 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, numbers ending in 1-5 up to No. 55 All numbers, 00 (or 0) through 99
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