Kings’ head coach Mike Brown is one of the top candidates to win the Coach of the Year award for how his team is exceeding expectations this season.

He was asked recently about potentially winning the prestigious award. Brown did not take credit for the team’s success, saying that his staff and players did a great job.

“It’s a great thing because the city and the organization need recognition,” he began his long answer. “It’s tough because usually when you get recognition it’s in the form of individual rewards. I would obviously accept it, embrace it. More so than accept it, I would embrace it.

“But I know it wasn’t me… I’ve had some great staffs. There’s a lot of guys on staff that came to me as first-time coaches in the league from Darvin Ham to Lloyd Pierce to handful of others that had an opportunity to be head coaches.

“So I’ve been around some great, great guys on my staff. This is a tremendous staff. I could easily say there are four or five guys on the staff right now that could be head coaches. I would also say that in order to have some success, you have to be organized which I feel like I can be organized, but the staff, that’s why I spoke so highly of them, they help me be organized.

“You have to compete. And again, you got to have guys that want to compete… And then you got to be healthy. There’s not much I can do in that regard.

“In a perfect world, it would go our medical and performance group. Because they’re the ones that are keeping the guys on the floor night in and night out. We know that we’ve had our guys out there probably more than anybody else in the league and it might not even be close. And that’s a big part as well as.”

Sacrament is currently third in the Western Conference and is very close to clinching a playoff spot.