With four minutes left to play between the 76ers and Cavaliers, Joel Embiid bumped into Evan Mobley before hitting a shot from near the free-throw line.

First the referees called an offensive foul which would have been his sixth for Embiid. But Doc Rivers challenged the call and the officials overturned it which extended Philadelphia’s lead to 9 points.

After the game, which the Sixers won 118-109, Embiid was confident that he did not make an offensive foul in that play, based on how the game is called in the NBA.

“I think it was a good call,” the Cameroonian center said, per Rich Hofmann. “I never extended my arm and I never really put a lot of pressure into hitting him. And you could tell right before the hit, he was trying to flop and fall.”

“I didn’t think I had extended anything. I watch basketball every day. And based on the way, those are officiated — We got some guys that basically play like running backs in this league that get that call all the time — I was pretty confident.”