Photo: Utah Jazz/Twitter

No matter what happens at the end of the line, Kris Dunn is thankful for the brief playing opportunity from the Utah Jazz.

Dunn, who is currently signed on his second 10-day deal with the team, expressed his regards to the Jazz franchise for giving him a chance per Sarah Todd of the Deseret News.

“No matter what happens I’m very appreciative of the Jazz organization for giving me this opportunity to showcase my game,” Dunn said. “I feel like I’ve been doing a good job.”

With starting guard Collin Sexton remains down with an apparent hamstring issues since last month, Utah went on to explore the free market to tap for a temporary unit at point. They went on to sign Nunn.

After spending most of the time in the G League this 2022-23, Nunn grabbed a playing chance again in the NBA from the Jazz. With Mar. 14 the ending of his second and final 10-day deal, he is nothing but appreciative of his journey.

From being a top-five draft pick to a journeyman, Dunn was tested and conditioned by tough times since his childhood – and he is not shying away from his rocky journey that taught him plenty of lessons.

“It’s been a beautiful, ugly journey,” Dunn said. “I’ve learned a lot through my experience and that’s the beautiful thing. … And then there’s the ugly parts. I’ve been through the G League, I’ve been waived, I’ve been traded, I’ve had injuries, so I’ve seen what the league as a business is about and throughout it I’ve come to understand that it is a business and how to be a pro, on and off the court.”

In six games played as a Jazzman, Dunn reliably filled Sexton’s shoes, as he averaged 12.7 points, 4.3 assists, and 4.2 boards.

His 1.7 steals average can only highlight his reputation as one of the premiere defensive guards, and coach Will Hardy is amused of the energy and competitiveness he brings to his team.

“He came in with a tremendous competitive fire,” Jazz coach Will Hardy said. “You see that on the defensive end of the floor. He really is engaged on that end. That part, he came in with. He’s getting more and more comfortable on the offensive end, understanding our system, where his opportunities to score are, what the reads are that he has to make as a primary ballhandler to get his teammates involved, and I think he’s done a better job every game.”