Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

New Los Angeles Laker Malik Beasley spoke highly of the team’s depth after last night’s 124-111 home win vs. the Golden State Warriors (25 points/3 rebounds/1 assist/3 steals/9-16 FG/7-11 3-PT).

(via NBA Interviews):

Reporter: “When you look at the box score, you see that LeBron doesn’t have his best shooting night, AD only gets 5 shot attempts. But as a group, you have five guys off the bench score in double figures, you hit 7 threes, you guys pretty much control the action most of the night. What type of encouragement does that give you about the group’s capability in terms of it could be any guy, any night?”

Beasley: “It definitely can be any guy. We’re deep as a team. We got starters coming off the bench. Just the fact that D-Lo didn’t even finish the game, like we got so much, so many threats. And like you said, AD & LeBron didn’t get going as much as they wanted to tonight, but we’re deep and I think that’s the statement we want to make. If it’s not one player, it’s gonna be another player, any given night.”