First off great to be back in the ranks of and writing for this amazing community!

Its been a crazy few years since I have been on this side of the coin so to say. So hope to make amazing things of it!

The end of February is nearing, and that simply means that EuroLeague teams have a small window to improve their remaining rosters for the regular season and for those that have hopes to make it to the playoffs and the Final Four in Kaunas this season. 

With this piece, I wanted to take a brief look at the recently waived players that have been let go by their respective NBA teams and who could potentially move over to the EuroLeague and have an impact. 

As a small disclaimer, I should warn you all that these names are purely mentioned by me in terms of potential fit. There is no likelihood of a potential breaking WOJ or SHAMS-like insight I am sharing. 

In no specific order, here are the players that I think can have an instant impact on the league and any respective team, granted there is enough financial stability to be able to house them. 

Serge Ibaka

Over the last few seasons, his performance has been dropping. The notable former NBA Champion (the 2019 Toronto Raptors) has been moving around the league, from the Clippers to the Bucks, and this season he has played in 16 games and averaged 11.6 points and 2.8 boards per game. His numbers were better last season, but he ultimately wasn’t a difference-maker.

However, it is important to note that Ibaka would be the polar opposite in the EuroLeague. Given his age and athleticism, he has an impact and can get the job done. 

Have a look at some of the clips I have compiled here:

In the current Euroleague strategy with any team a big that can play inside and out and can handle the ball as well as steal and pass as well as Ibaka definitely deserves a place and unless he signs with an NBA team to take him off the waive list soon, I seriously think that him playing in the Euroleague could be an option for teams to consider. 

Next up on the list is a name that should not be a surprise at all.

Goran Dragic

Like a wonderful bottle of wine, this guy is just aging amazingly well, and while his days playing with the Miami Heat are behind him, they don’t call him “The Dragon” for nothing. Out of all the names on this list, I believe Goran has the most potential to directly impact any Euroleague team in need of solid decision-making and scoring from distance. Across 51 games in the current NBA season, he has been playing +15 minutes, but scoring has been down to single digits (on average 6.4 ppg), and he has been recording only 2.7 assists per game, as per

Still worth looking into him, check out this clip in terms of seeking his potential across recent games he’s played in:

Dragic’s last appearance in Europe was in Baskonia during the 2011 lockout season. Still, as a lefty that is sheer hard work and an off-court leader is worth a shot always in my opinion. 


Danilo Gallinari

This guy is fantastic! He is a player I saw come into the Knicks organization while I was there in a special adviser capacity. not just fun to be around, but really leaves everything on the floor. He really does his best to work on all the flaws he has and tries to come out on top. He knows his limitations, and he has grown into a player who is in a niche of his own. 

All that being said, the injury that occurred and the added fact that the Boston Celtics likely do not see him holding a roster spot longer are going to be the primary reasons for him to turn his thoughts over to Europe. 

Obviously, with the injury, he has not played this season thus far, but here is a compilation I came up with in terms of skill and decision-making from the past summer that I wanted to share to prove the performance point: 

I know Gallo signed that 2-year deal for 13 Mil. and some change with Boston but in terms of getting healthy and being able to help a EuroLeague team out such as Milano that needs dire scoring power could be a potential landing spot for him. 

Last but nowhere least on my list and I think the player among all four that again brings in a different level of intensity would be;

Tyler Dorsey

Already known well among the EuroLeague players circle well. Last season moving from Olympiacos to the Dallas Mavericks he’s recently been reacquired by Texas Legends (as of Jan. 2023). 

The level of aggression, intensity, and sheer willingness to get the job done is what always stands out to me with this style of play. Mind you the first time I saw him on the court was live during the days he still was in college playing for Oregon. 

Check out this compilation of clips I put together for him:

Olympiacos could definitely use his level of intensity from now till the end of the season with impact. 


The window is a small one and the players that potentially can come in are pretty amazing in terms of talent. 

Will Barton could end up on a EuroLeague team, which is something I haven’t mentioned yet but could be an option if his situation gains traction and clarity. Certain sources I’ve spoken with in the last few days do not dismiss it, but they also cannot confirm that moving Barton is a possibility.

Some are getting older, and staying healthy is always a concern for some, but at the end of the day, the EuroLeague attracts some of the NBA’s most outstanding talents, so why not these or other potential players who can make a splash?

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