Photo: Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Notes on the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Chicago Bulls before the trade deadline.

Atlanta Hawks

It’s gonna be interesting to see if the Hawks make any moves this week. Atlanta has a talented starting lineup and productive bench guys, so I wonder what they will get back for rumored players like John Collins and Bogdan Bogdanovic. However I’d be careful and make sure I get it right if I were their front office, you’ve got two very solid veterans here who are better than a lot of other NBA players.

Charlotte Hornets

Based on the feel of this season for Charlotte, it seems like they’d be happy starting over on Thursday. Coming off being the Eastern Conference’s #10 seed last year, they’ve been worse without Miles Bridges and now their only hope looks like to get some value back for the veterans/keep developing LaMelo Ball & Mark Williams. There’s a possibility PJ Washington sticks around (restricted free agent), but I’m sure the Hornets would be happy to trade names like Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward, Mason Plumlee, Kelly Oubre, Jalen McDaniels, and Cody Martin.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls to me are in a weird situation because even if they get all the right pieces around DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, & Nikola Vucevic, it probably still won’t be enough to perform at an elite level. Realistically, it might be time to trade their Big 3 and try to receive the best possible value you can for them. Andre Drummond is an obvious name likely to be moved (12.8 MPG), but I honestly have no idea what Chicago will do on Thursday.