Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Russell Westbrook overtook Gary Payton for the 10th place on NBA’s all-time assists leaders list during the game between the Lakers and Nets.

After the game the 34-year-old point guard was asked about reaching this milestone and what it means for him.

“I don’t take none of this game for granted since day one,” Russ said postgame. “I’m very blessed and thankful to go out and compete. I never cheat the game, go out and compete every night, I do my job every single night, regardless of all the things that are thrown at me.

“It means a lot just from where I’m started to where I’m at, where I grew up at to be sitting here. If somebody had told me 15 years ago, 20 years ago, ‘You’ll be top 10 in assists,’ I’d look at them like they were crazy.

“In NBA I never dreamt of being in this position nor getting to the point to where next to some of the greats. I’m just truly grateful and thankful for the opportunity to keep playing at the highest level and I don’t take anything for granted.”