Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

Following Sunday’s 100-96 road loss vs. the Miami Heat, New Orleans Pelicans big man Larry Nance Jr. talked about his high aspirations for rookie teammate Dyson Daniels (11 points/7 rebounds/6 assists/2 steals/1 block/4-7 FG/1-4 3-PT/2-2 FT).

(via New Orleans Pelicans):

“I love watching Dyson play. Honestly, I looked at the box score after the game, he had two steals. That doesn’t feel right, it feels like he had six or seven of them. He’s just kinda everywhere. And on the offensive end, he’s just so multifaceted. Obviously he can score a little bit, rebounds, which is huge for us, helps us rebound, switches defensively, the way he can pass and see the court is only gonna get better. I mean he’s 19. I told him the other day he’s gonna be really, really, really good. He’s gonna be a really good basketball player, we just gotta let him learn and grow.”