Photo: USA Today Sports

John Wall’s embattled narration of his experience in the Houston Rockets can only create further elaboration of situations for head coach Stephen Silas.

Wall accused the Rockets of building bad habits on their ongoing tanking culture, which he prompted to warn both Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. to not be normalized losing. 

But in an interview with Matt Thomas of SportsTalk 790, Silas noted that things like winning weren’t easy as it is given the youth, inexperience, and inconsistency within the team.

“When we go out every night, we’re trying to win a basketball game. And we prepare the same way that I prepared when I was working for perennial playoff teams. We have the same expectations for play. We do things in a manner that is putting us in the direction to win every single night that we’re out there,” Silas said, via USA TODAY’s Ben DuBose.

“Is that going to happen? No. We’re a young team, we have 19- and 20-, 21-year-old guys who emotionally they go up and down, and with their games, there is going to be inconsistency.”

After eight-straight seasons of postseason appearances, Houston opted to enter a new age to try to reestablish itself in the future, which started from the exit of James Harden.

For the last two seasons, the club has dwelled on the depths of the Western Conference mediocrity, which allowed them to gain promising players from the two recent drafts.

As such, this season, their progress remains stagnant. They currently display the worst record in the league (10-35) and are still finding ways to reach that needed winning curve for their young players to develop.

As such, Silas maintained his stance that his troop is still gaining momentum to grow and build winning habits of the experiences down the road.

“The best teacher is experience, and that’s what they’re getting right now,” Silas continued. “You don’t look at certain guys around the league, and just because they went through a rebuild, they have a losing attitude. There have been teams that have done it before.”