Yi-Chin Lee, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer

Eric Gordin didn’t mince words about the Houston Rockets’ improvement this season.

Following another gut-wrenching defeat this time against the New York Knicks, Gordon dropped his cryptic personal assessment regarding the Rockets’ progress.

“There’s no improvement,” Gordon plainly said when asked by a reporter about his team’s development this 2022-23 so far following the 108-88 loss against the Knicks.

The New Year’s Eve defeat handed the Rockets another loss to their sluggish season, as they are now dwelling on a 10-26 record – the worst standing so far within the Western Conference. This 2022-23 campaign serves as their second full season of rebuilding, but it has been a struggle so far as they are yet to find key strides and upward movement that will allow them to make the transition into being a contender in the near future.

In Gordon’s case, this season only remains the fully guaranteed year of his four-year, $75.6 million contract he inked with the club back in the 2019 offseason. With his next season’s salary not guaranteed, this automatically makes him a logical trade chip that must be moved before the February trade deadline.

Despite swirling trade murmurs from the previous years, the veteran was heavily coveted by the Houston franchise, as he was believed crucial in providing that necessary leadership and voice to their young and growing locker room. But with this recent remark, it can only be hinted that the frustrated Gordon appears very much looking forward to being moved away.

Still at age 34 and averaging 11.2 points so far, Gordon could still be a that significant contributor to a title-contending team like his initial years with the Rockets alongside James Harden. As such, it remains yet to be seen what would be the plans of the franchise for him, with some suitors like the Phoenix Suns being rumored chasing his service.