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In April, Elon Musk stated he would “die trying” in the fight to eradicate Twitter from spam accounts. With Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter, there has been continuing news surrounding the plans, but how could this effect the teams and players in the NBA’s Twitter followings?

Using SparkToro’s fake follower audit, the guys at have ranked which NBA Teams could be worst hit:

Los Angeles Lakers Set to Take the Biggest Hit on Twitter        

It’s no surprise that they have a massive social media following considering their majorly successful history, but the Los Angeles Lakers are the ones who are set to be the most affected by Musk’s crack down on fake accounts, with 4.9 million of their 11.2 million followers estimated to be fake.

The Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls could also be massively affected by Musk’s plans, with the two franchises each having an estimated 23.6 million and 2.0 million fake followers on Twitter, respectively.

The table below ranks all NBA teams in order of the number of followers potentially lost:

#TeamsNumber of Followers (Twitter)Percentage of Fake FollowersFake Follower Number
1Los Angeles Lakers11,168,72543.5%4,858,395
2Golden State Warriors8,012,94245.3%3,629,863
3Chicago Bulls4,721,58941.4%1,954,738
4Miami Heat5,047,76537.5%1,892,912
5Boston Celtics4,042,81840.7%1,645,427
6San Antonio Spurs3,522,76741.6%1,465,471
7Cleveland Cavaliers3,329,02641.2%1,371,559
8Houston Rockets3,244,14238.7%1,255,483
9Oklahoma City Thunder2,821,77541.4%1,168,215
10Toronto Raptors2,575,81440.9%1,053,508
11Philadelphia 76ers2,262,28442.6%963,733
12New York Knicks2,445,67935.1%858,433
13Dallas Mavericks2,160,74136.6%790,831
14Los Angeles Clippers1,952,47238.9%759,512
15Milwaukee Bucks1,915,88339.6%758,690
16Brooklyn Nets1,915,36937.5%718,263
17Phoenix Suns1,607,80142.1%676,884
18Portland Trail Blazers1,530,12243.8%670,193
19Orlando Magic1,602,73739.4%631,478
20Atlanta Hawks1,540,25239.0%600,698
21Indiana Pacers1,410,30241.3%582,455
22Memphis Grizzlies1,509,87237.2%561,672
23Washington Wizards1,249,31642.6%532,209
24Utah Jazz1,240,42342.0%520,978
25Denver Nuggets1,318,50039.2%516,852
26Minnesota Timberwolves1,218,65241.3%503,303
27New Orleans Pelicans1,329,03836.9%490,415
28Charlotte Hornets1,187,75238.9%462,036
29Sacramento Kings1,215,57238.0%461,917
30Detroit Pistons1,101,17836.6%403,031

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