Photo: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Shaquille O’Neal is truly eager to have an NBA ownership tag on his name.

When asked on TMZ Sports about the prospect of being involved in buying the Phoenix Suns, O’Neal reiterated that his partners would like to be “heavily involved” in owning one.

“I haven’t had any discussions with my partners, so I can’t make the statement yet, but we’re still looking to be heavily involved in purchasing an NBA team,” O’Neal said. “But I’m not gonna go on here and say, ‘Oh I talked to some people.’ I haven’t had that conversation with my partners yet.”

Back in October, O’Neal told TMZ Sports that he is interested in making a run for the Suns’ franchise, but expressed such hesitancy knowing that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could be a potential competitor.

Should his plans for NBA ownership come up short, the all-time great big man is setting his sights on the NFL.

“This time around, when I purchase a team, I want to be heavily involved,” O’Neal said when asked for a probable purchase of an NFL team. “I would like it to be in a place where I’m living at. If it ain’t the Dolphins or the Cowboys or the Raiders – and those teams are way too expensive for me. But my main man (Bezos) can write that check.”

O’Neal was a former minority owner of the Sacramento Kings. After nine years, he decided to sell his stake earlier this year due to his new business endeavors in the sports gambling world.