Photo: Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks sharpshooter Bogdan Bogdanovic took a trip down memory lane during postgame on Friday when responding to Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant saying that he had an amazing night (31 points/2 rebounds/3 assists/1 steal/12-18 FG/7-9 3-PT).

(via atl hawks fans):

Reporter: “Kevin Durant said you played amazing and had an amazing game. What is it like to have a player of his caliber say that about you?”

Bogdanovic: “He knows I respect him, and there’s so many players that respect his game as well. It’s a pleasure when we receive these comments from such a player. I feel he just recognizes the hard-working people, and praising that type of player. From my perspective, I feel like I played against him so many times. He was with Warriors, I was with Kings. Also before that, Olympics. I was kinda trash talking with him. I remember in Olympics, I tried. In group phase, I kinda stopped him, you know, kinda. But in the finals, it was really bad. So I think he remembers that, Kyrie too. When I came to the league, that was one of the first guys that remembered me. So it was fun.”