Yesterday it was reported that the Hawks head coach Nate McMillan and Trae Young had an exchange with the former telling the latter that he would come off the bench or not show up to the game at all.

Reportedly, the two-time NBA All-Star chose not to come to the arena. According to McMillan, the story should not have come out to the public as it was no big deal. He also denied asking Young to stay at home.

“Part of coaching is keeping your team together, keeping group a family together,” McMillan said. “You’re going to have all kinds of situations that come up daily. I have a staff of probably 30-35 people if you include the players, the trainers, the coaches – all of those folks. There’s something happening each and every day that we have to address and manage.

“A situation happen – that is private. It’s private, it’s no different than any other day for me and our group. A story was leaked about that situation. Those are the things that we don’t normally talk about or address.

“Things happen with our players on the bus, on the plane, in hotels. We’re together a lot, we’re family. Things are going to happen during the course of a season. I addressed my team about that, I’ve talked with Trae about that, we’re moving forward.”